Have you ever wondered why Nermine Seif el Nasr established CLASS Advertising Agency? Well, let us tell you,

Back in 1986 the young fresh graduate Nermine Seif el Nasr was dealing with an agency to bring some clients their advertising materials, suddenly the advertising agency stopped responding and the client was asking for his materials! Nermine Seif el Nasr then decided to establish her own advertising agency to be able to fulfill her client’s needs. This is not just a story of success or our agency’s origin, this is the model that we have been using in dealing with our clients ever since. We would do whatever it takes to deliver the advertising materials on time and with the best quality, we always keep our promises. Since 1986, we have been learning new things with every single sun rise, and it’s always sunny and shinny in Cairo in case you didn’t know. We take a new step towards maturity with every package we deliver, every printed piece of paper, and every animated or shot frame. Even though we reached the top of the market, we are still learning new things every day.